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Welcome to the DAppNode documentation

DAppNode connects the decentralized internet by allowing a user to conveniently host P2P clients.

What does the documentation contain?

I am interested in DAppNode

Take a look at the introduction to understand the problem that we are solving. We encourage you to try out DAppNode by cheking the install section

I am a user

Start by checking What can you do with DAppNode?. You can also to take a look at the user guide if you have doubts and how to use DAppNode. If you are having any problem, take a look at the troubleshooting and FAQs sections. If you can't manage to solve your problem, please don't hesitate to reach us on Github and Discourse.

I am a developer

We highly encourage you to consider developing a DAppNode Package (DNP) so your DApp, node or idea can be distributed for all DAppNode users. Please, start by checking the DAppNodeSDK for an overview of the process. Also, you might be interested in other more technical resources about DAppNode: